Random Stuff #020: Why not believe?

I’m quite sure if people I know were to read this blog, they would be shocked about my opinions. Mainly  for two reasons. First, I’m not the kind to rattle on about sensitive subjects unless I’m in like minded company. Secondly, I’m a damn good actor. I honestly deserve an Oscar for best hypocritical performance. I wear a plastic plague mask of deceit. I go to church scornfully and just sit the whole time reminiscing what kind of person I am. If I was to express my opinions, my family would probably (or not) leave me to hang out dry. So I can’t take the chance. I have to believe in the impossible instead. I mean I have to believe I can pull off an Oscar worthy performance. I have to act like I’m toeing the religious line. Even though I think its complete bullshit. 

But lately its been getting to me at times. I can’t win four consecutive Oscars. At some point a better actor or better movie will steal it. So I might have to write the script to win the screenwriter award instead. So I resort to psychological warfare in my fake Hollywood screenplay. I’m beginning to learn how to manipulate people to my advantage. I’m especially intrigued how to manipulate people in groups. Thats what great leaders are good at.