Random Stuff #021: Fuck patriotism!!! 

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The fast time I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I was captivated by the insanely good graphics and its semi-open world realism. The storyline gripped me and made me think like a soldier at war. Though the game induced a sense of patriotism within me, I was particularly hypnotized by one of the several war quotes.

I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.

— Nathan Hale

That is, without doubt, one of the most patriotic statements I’ve ever heard. Clearly, Nathan Hale was a soldier willing to give more than just his life for his country. But are you willing to give the same? Am I? Can I stare death in the face for my country? I doubt. In fact I can’t. I’m not willing to give my life for anyone or anything, be it a just cause, a patriotic cause or religious or whatever. Maybe at some point I’ll be pushed to the wall by circumstances and reconsider but not momentarily. Would I give my life for a Marxist ideology? Certainly not. Though the idea I postulate here may make me out for a socialist. Or an advocate for a New World Order. 

But I’m willing to give my life for something greater than just patriotism. I’m willing to consider giving my life for global unity and world government. The concept of global state is one that I like and think can be a success. That’s if we were to ignore the political side of it. If there were less restrictions about movement across borders, less attachment to tribal or religious  identity, the world would be better off for it. There would be less desire to go to war or fly planes into your rival’s buildings. But to achieve global unity, our general perceived culture and religions have to be sufficiently redacted to allow coexistence. For the future of humankind won’t be safe if we are still stuck to the same evolutionary motivation flaws as we had 3000 years back. It will take time to erase these flaws. It could be that the changing zeitgeist is in that particular direction already. There are less wars and less conflict than a few years back. People are less self centred and are more open towards other racially or ethnically different humans unlike in times before. A current youth is less likely to be racist or sexist or whatever phobia than their ageing parents. Maybe all that means the world is beginning to accept that we are all different, that we can coexist without shouting at each other or enslaving another race, that we can create relationships with people we don’t share an origin or race or religion with. Finally maybe we are realising we can live life to the fullest inspite of who we are, where we are or what we disagree on. So fuck patriotism. There are better causes to fight for than die for your country. And even then I wouldn’t die for this ideology. Life is too precious. 

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