Random Stuff #019: LGBT rights

Before I tackle this controversial subject, I just wanna repeat these are my views and mine alone. My views don’t mean I am any different from anyone else. Besides there are issues you may consider perfectly okay but they may seem unacceptable to others. Even to people in your own country. Right now, if you are caught engaging in homosexuality in my country, the locals can stone you to death before the police intervenes. So it might be a risk for me to even talk about it on social media but when the rest of my people are finally enlightened, I want the record to show I was way ahead of time.

First off, I think same sex relationships are naturally occurring and should be acceptable if not cherished. If a friend was to walk up to me and tell me they are gay/lesbian/transsexual/queer, I’d be surprised but I’d take his/her hand and tell them its alright to be different that way and they should be proud of it. 

Secondly, I condemn any kind of inhumane torture or discrimination unfairly cast on the LGBTQ community by fellow humans. All this injustice stems mainly from outdated conservative mindsets, religion, uninformed or misinformed public, politics, etc. People hate LGBTQ because their religion dictates so. Others hate because they don’t understand it. Some hate LGBTQ because they follow other people’s views and don’t hold any sensible opinions on such issues. Others, if they were more informed, wouldn’t tolerate LGBTQ injustice. 
To fully understand why I’m supportive of legality of gay rights and marriage, you must step out of your religious box, you must step out of your cultural box, you must step out of your political box. We live in a secular society where we can’t accommodate every moral absolute from every religion or culture into our politics. So what are you left with as a yardstick to judge LGBTQ people? Just science. 

So what does science think about LGBT people? In the 1900s, science thought LGBT people were mentally ill and so had to be injected with hormonal therapy treatment to ‘cure’ them from their homosexual tendencies. (One of the most important scientists in the modern era comes to mind – Alan Turing). Later in the 70’s, after years of compiling data and research, the scientific community came to the conclusion that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and also not a crime. Though it still remained outlawed in several countries until just of recent. I think there’s a new zeitgeist in place, where homosexual relationships are becoming more of the norm and family culture. 

We have seen evidence in several animals of homosexual tendencies. This is no secret. At a 2007 Against Nature? exhibition, over 1500 species were observed to have homosexual tendencies. From birds to sea anaps to primates there has been a lot of documented evidence. Take for example rams and ewes, during the mating season, rams not only compete with each other for mates, but also with ewes looking to mate with each other. Same thing with Japanese macaques. Turning to our fellow primates, the bonobos, which are highly sexed monkeys, exhibit the highest levels of homosexual behaviour of any species. About 60% of bonobo sexual activity is same sex. And mostly lesbianism, since they live in matriarchal societies. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of male to male sex. It still happens a lot. Bonobos perform homosexuality to solve conflict or please a superior individual. Among the observed acts include genital to genital rubbing, “penis fencing”, fellatio, some kind of fingering, etc. Bottlenose dolphins have also been observed performing anal penetration among males and beak penetration among females, where the female pushes its beak into genitalia of the other female. Though there are only two animals (just a minority of these) that have been observed to prefer lifelong partnerships of the same sex type. Humans and sheep. Other animals that engage in homosexual behaviour are elephants, giraffes, polecat, lions, black swans, spotted hyenas, lizards, fruit flies, etc.

So now we have established same-sex sexual activity/behavior is naturally occurring, why should we condemn it? Why should we be fighting against nature? 

This is where religion comes in. The Bible mentions people being burnt to death in Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexuality and highly sexual behaviour. There is no precise explanation why homosexuality is wrong in Christianity. Even the Bible says it is wrong but doesn’t, like most religious doctrine, mention why its wrong. You are not supposed to question why things are a certain way. Religion is religion. Culture is culture. You can’t change it. 


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