Random Stuff #015: The story of literary art

Many times people think they understand me when they have no basis for their opinions. Outright judgment in court with hard evidence. I’m talking about the mental court of law that passes the verdict on hearsay or rumors. The best you can do is ignore everyone’s courts and keep them in suspense. Now you see me, now you don’t. Now you know me, now you don’t. Now you understand me, yet you never did. 

Don’t be disheartened my friend. The journey, to the living, is long and tough. Only the strong will survive. Remember people keep mistaking strength to be physical yet its the most formidable mental trait. A mentally strong person is worth more than a Goliath-strong one. Instead of going to the gym, go to the library where strong minds and character are fashioned. The war zone of intellectuals. That’s exactly where I am. The consequence of reading is developing the desire to write as well. So it is with this pen and paperback I’ll tell you my stories. 

Please focus and give me your utmost attention because if you don’t, you might as well not read at all. Plus the stories will be great. Choose a way forward; to read or not to read. Take a single decision and don’t turn back. Be the decisive one.

As always a story or stories begin in a library. Not its beginning as such. I’m talking about where the story meets the reader. A story or a novel begins to take effect and captures one’s attention while still on the shelf in the library. Thats why I think every story begins in a library. In this context, let’s take library to mean wherever you find the book; be it the internet, or a study or a friend’s place, or a bookshop et cetera. Put that aside, every author/writer will tell you they started writing the day they started reading. Intrigue and fascination with literary art is the captivating seductive lure for all wannabe writers with naturally ingrained talent. In the end, all writers were once readers in a library. 

P.S: I went offscript a lot while writing this. But there’s a riddle in there somewhere. I’ll probably wait years before someone figures it out.


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