Random Stuff #005: Search for a writing guru

My first TV article was really poor. My writing has been in bad form of late. I’m experiencing an acute case of writer’s block. Anyone know a doc who can treat it? I wish it were that simple. Writing TV reviews doesn’t seem to be straightforward. 

I need to write so as to transcend my flaws, traumas and writer’s block. So this is the kind of poor writing I have to put up with. I’m not sure how good of a writer I am. I wish I could get someone to review my writing. 

WordPress is a good platform for writers. But because of my unpleasant writing lately I have no followers. Not even a single view in months. Please WordPress, help me progress. I need my work to be seen by the world yet no one wonders to my blog site. Not even by mistake.

A writing guru. That’s what I need. Someone who is far superior to me when it comes to writing. Probably someone who is already published. I need to step forward to make a career out of writing. That’s one of my several unaccomplished (probably unrealistic) dreams. I need someone to tell me if my writing is progressing or not, someone to help me out of writer’s block, someone to tell me what I’m writing is shit and should never be shown to the general public. 

Please, writing guru, come forth for I await your arrival with joy


2 thoughts on “Random Stuff #005: Search for a writing guru

  1. Perhaps rather than worrying about whether others approve of your writing start writing for yourself regardless of what others think. If you link your art to your ego you will always come up lacking. Finding others who will approve or disapprove of your writing isn’t going to satisfy in the long run; it’s just a chase. Find the reasons you need to write in yourself and meet those needs. If it’s just ego gratification you’re after nothing will ever be enough and all the followers in the world won’t matter. Write from the heart and write truth without regard for those who follow or do not follow and the block will dissolve.

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    1. Wow. Great advice. I think on some psychological level I yearn for validation and I guess therein lies the problem. Need to work on that more. As for my ego, it can be bad or good. Whatever matters is how I channel it. Thanks.


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