Random Stuff #005: Search for a writing guru

My first TV article was really poor. My writing has been in bad form of late. I’m experiencing an acute case of writer’s block. Anyone know a doc who can treat it? I wish it were that simple. Writing TV reviews doesn’t seem to be straightforward. 

I need to write so as to transcend my flaws, traumas and writer’s block. So this is the kind of poor writing I have to put up with. I’m not sure how good of a writer I am. I wish I could get someone to review my writing. 

WordPress is a good platform for writers. But because of my unpleasant writing lately I have no followers. Not even a single view in months. Please WordPress, help me progress. I need my work to be seen by the world yet no one wonders to my blog site. Not even by mistake.

A writing guru. That’s what I need. Someone who is far superior to me when it comes to writing. Probably someone who is already published. I need to step forward to make a career out of writing. That’s one of my several unaccomplished (probably unrealistic) dreams. I need someone to tell me if my writing is progressing or not, someone to help me out of writer’s block, someone to tell me what I’m writing is shit and should never be shown to the general public. 

Please, writing guru, come forth for I await your arrival with joy


Random Stuff #004: Don’t judge me

Everything I write here is mine and only mine. Well I’m not against sharing it. But everything I say reflects my views and no one else’s. I may borrow a quote here and there but that’s as far as I go. My views are honest, accurate and mostly depict my state of mind at the time of publishing. I’m not the greatest lyrical poet but I believe what I say can change the world and transform lives. Everyday I dream of taking over the world. And my views will contribute to that. I can’t exist without  views because they are part of my identity. For who am I if my identity, my self defining attributes are stripped from me. I’m nothing.

Random Stuff #003: Human desire

What is your deepest darkest desire? What do you want the most but keep secret from everyone? What do you think/do when the dark masks you in the dead of the night? 

Are your desires about wealth and money? Do you fantasise about being richer than Bill Gates or being in his shoes? Do you dream of holding majority shares in Microsoft or Wells Fargo? Do you sit back and think of how it would be to own Facebook Twitter or whatever social network? Do you wonder what it would be like to have your name on the top of a building like Trump Tower? A fitting modern display of caveman dominance.

Do you want to travel to far off places and have carefree fun? Do you want to go to the moon someday? Do you want to go to your favorite musician’s concert and have a wild night? Do you want to meet your favorite actor/author/filmmaker? Do you hate your job and dream of quitting all the time? Do you dream of starting a family? Do you dream of getting out of jailing, sucking in the fresh scent of freedom? Do you desire a successful career? These are the ordinary desires. But if they are your deepest darkest, I still ask you to follow me to the end.

Or are your dreams a little different? Maybe you don’t desire wealth or money like many of us do. Maybe your dreams and desires are the sexual kind. Do you dream of having your way with a certain man/woman in your life? Your friend’s wife/girlfriend/spouse? Do you want to be dominated? Do you want to be pissed on? Do you want to be sparked and called all kinds of dirty names? Do you want to have May-December relations with people probably married and significantly older than you? Do these dirty naughty disgusting sexual thoughts turn you on and embarrass you simultaneously? 

Now think of that desire you only keep to yourself. Think about it. Stop reading for 30 seconds and think hard about it…………..

Are the thirty seconds up? Good.

First off I want you to know that these desires are normal and it’s okay to have them. Its alright to harbour such sick ideas. Everyone does. Your mom could be holding even sicker desires than you. If your desires can’t affect anyone, I want you to go all out and fulfill them. Quench the thirst of your obscene psychotic sickening desires. Do it atleast before 2017 gets done. Stand up and do something for yourself for once. Stop dreaming and make your desires come to life. You deserve it. Take one step at a time. You’ll make it. Just take the initiative.

TV articles #001: Silicon Valley S04

How I have missed this gripping techcom!

Its one of the best comedies on television especially if you get the jokes. I’m talking about Silicon Valley. Basically its a story about a bunch of computer software geeks trying to make it from their incubator to success in the harsh tech world. Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) comes up with a compression algorithm that sets the whole incubator on a path to greatness. Initially, Richard wants to use the algorithm to start his own tech firm but soon the firm was a deadend. 

So in season 4, the incubees are trying to start a video media app/site. But it soon becomes clear Richard isn’t interested in using his algorithm for that. In an ambitious turn of events he sets out to make another internet which would facilitate free sharing of all the data on it. Basically free peer-to-peer file sharing. (Doesn’t that go against copyright law? I have no idea). Richard hands over control of the video chatting app (PiperChat) to Dinesh (Kumail Naijani) and focusses full time on making his own internet. Soon, legal issues scamper PiperChat’s progress but Gavin Belson comes in to solve their problem for them. He tries to use extortion to force them into selling him PiperChat while unbeknownst to him, the video chat could be facing charges for violating the children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ( by letting kids below 13 to open accounts). Its not long before Gavin and his Hooli firm are forced into paying heavy fines. The Hooli board decides to part company with Gavin as CEO replacing him with Jack Barker. 

So far, season 4 has been an impressive season. The show has changed its path for seasons to come. We could see Gavin teaming up with Richard to come up with the best idea in the internet age. Besides other characters like Big Head and Chin Yang are getting more screen time and are better written after a few poor seasons. This show is going somewhere great. So much has happened in 4 episodes of the fourth season and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Random Stuff #002: Creature of my own habit

I’m just bored with life. Nothing interests me anymore. I need a source of inspiration, a spark to ignite my dormant engine. Maybe writing can do that, or reading The Director. Or catching up with the second season of Netflix’s Sense8. Can someone suggest a fun activity I could do on Monday morning that doesn’t cost a cent? I could travel to another part of the globe where its still Sunday? Probably extend my weekend. Is that possible?

I thought I enjoyed the consistency of daily life being the same. But I’ve come to understand the monotony gets on my nerves. I’m not a “creature of habit” like they say. I’m more like the adventurous, thrill-seeking, danger-dashing, adrenaline junkie. I could jump off a building with an umbrella to see if it works like a parachute. I just act and wait for the consequences later. Maybe its a bad idea to do that. Like many bad ideas, its hard to uproot it without facing the repercussions. 

So if I’m not a creature of habit, who am I? I’ll tell you who I am with just two descriptions. One, I’m never the same person I was yesterday. I continuously evolved to become better or worse or stagnant. Depends on a lot of factors. Two, Lee Child, one of my favorite crime fiction authors, wrote something in his bestselling book, Never Go Back, that seemed to describe me entirely. I can’t quote the exact words used but it was something along these lines. The main character narrates; there are many kinds of people in the world. We are all born and raised near a campfire where we meet and warm up with other people and also listen to great stories with other people. Majority of people grow up to love and relish the campfire. But there’s a small group of people who have no satisfaction with it. They instead have a small itch in the back of their head, an evolutionary itch shouting at them to live the campfire and explore the earth, spread their seed in outlandish territory, be something more than just a campfire storyteller (or listener). Be greater than the campfire can ever let you. And that’s who I am , WordPressers, that’s what I am. That’s what the ancient explorers, right from the Egyptians to the Arabs to Marco Polo to John Speke to Neil Armstrong, were all about. They and I have something in common. We all have an unquenchable thirst for adventure, for the unknown, for greatness, for a cause greater than ourselves.