Stuff I have learnt from The Walking Dead

1. Don’t hang out with cowards. You’ll probably all end up dead together.
2. Life’s hard. So grow some balls and give it a sucker punch
3. Don’t hook up with anyone in a zombie apocalypse. You’ll probably end up with herpes. Or worst case scenario, she gets pregnant.
4. When you meet a sheriff move with his crowd because he could be the best protection you can afford
5. Keeping a stash of food  is the best way to keep yourself from starving when there’s food shortage
6. Take a course in agriculture before the apocalypse. That way you can use your knowledge to survive.


Timezones and insomnia

I was awake until 5am last night. My biggest problem is now insomnia. I find it difficult to sleep before midnight.
So I have started to think maybe I’m living in the wrong timezone. Maybe I could fair better in another. You can never know.
What was keeping me awake? The internet was too freakin fast. I had a lot to learn,  to see yet the night was never enough. 

Random Stuff #001

So I was thinking recently. It was in the dead of the night. I thought about who I am and what I want to become. Maybe talent is just another word for luck. The things that were once considered to be pastimes are now multimillion money printers. Take for instance sports like tennis or football. Things always change. The world evolves for bad and good. It goes both ways